About me and why I decided to start this blog.

Here it goes….maybe I can provide some humor to those out there that have been blogging for a while.  I am a Fire Captain in a small mountain town and I have felt the urge to write about my experiences as it relates to operations, training and my fire service life.  Much of what I read and gain insight from has been from great leaders in the fire service from all over the country in large urban departments as of course their amount of experience is so valuable for us to learn from.  What I hope to discuss in here are the thousands of departments like mine that are struggling with issues of staffing, training and limited call volume yet are still expected by the public to arrive at their emergency with the same level of expertise, training and professionalism to handle their problem (and rightly so).  This is an opportunity to discuss issues that we face, and how we overcome many of the challenges that are facing small departments across the country.  I also hope to share some experiences that I have had over the last 20 years or so that all firefighters can relate to.  We may be working in vastly different communities but in the end we are all doing the same job just on different scales. I recognize that my ramblings may not be of interest to anyone but if it does, then I will continue to write and continue to share topics that are important to me and certainly to anyone who cares to follow me.  More to come as I figure out how all of this works…see ya soon.

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